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I'm the author of Night of the Yellow Fever, an illustrated novelette set in the grimy city of Bernborough.Born in Brisbane, Australia, I've also lived in London and Toronto.

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crosstown birds

Ursula is trapped in a nightmare - a violent and controlling relationship with a man that she can't escape. When things take a dangerous turn, Ursula turns to her best friend Roche for help, but her escape plan is foiled and she is left with no choice but to rely on the most unlikely allies.As Ursula tries to rebuild her life in a new neighbourhood, she realizes that danger still lurks around every corner. With Bobby hot on her trail, Ursula must make a decision - keep running or stand and fight.As events spiral out of control, Ursula's choices not only put her in harm's way but also endanger the lives of those who have tried to help her. Will Ursula find the freedom she craves, or will she fall victim to Bobby's unrelenting vengeance?Crosstown Birds is the thrilling sophomore novella by Brin Paulsen and part of The Bernborough Stories. It is a darkly comic tale of control, revenge and one woman’s search for the freedom to live her own life.Illustrations by David Gassaway

night of the yellow fever

A darkly funny, boozy tale from the grimy depths of a rain-soaked, drug-riddled city. Welcome to Bernborough.Blueboy’s a down-and-out publican up to his eyeballs in debt. The only chance he has to pay back his loanshark, and avoid becoming a stain on the pavement, is to sell a motherload of drugs that he’s gotten his hands on.When he makes a shocking discovery that his pills turn people into horny, face-eating zombies, he has one night to recover the drugs that have already hit the streets. Caught between saving his own skin and saving his friends, Blueboy will be forced to decide what’s most important to him.With the drugs scattered across town and the clock ticking, can he find all of the pills before more people turn into killer zombies? Or will the opportunity to save his friends, his reputation, and his pub, end in disaster?If you like Irvine Welsh’s writing, Guy Ritchie's films, or Charlie Hunnam's accent in Green Street Hooligans then this story will have you turning pages!Night of the Yellow Fever is the first novelette in a collection of stories set in the city of Bernborough.Illustrations by Anthony Haley.

About me

I was born in Townsville in 1985 and grew up in Brisbane, Australia. I lived in London in my mid-20s and can't get enough of the place.My writing is inspired by (in no particular order):
Irvine Welsh, Hanif Kureishi, Danny Dyer, Guy Ritchie,
Shane Meadows.
Human Traffic, Withnail and I, The Bill, The Royle Family, People Just Do Nothing.
Charlie Hunnam’s accent in Green Street Hooligans,
The Clash, The Who, Arctic Monkeys, Blue, Oasis, Pulp, Jamie T, The Jam, Billy Bragg,
Lager, stout, constant rain, football (COYW), pubs, darts, pool, hangovers, fry-ups, endless mugs of tea, sunny Saturday afternoons, Sunday roasts.
My stories are an outsider’s pastiche of British culture.It’s all fun and games.

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